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In the Bible, from start to finish, we see a God who pursues the outsider – foreigner, the helpless, the stranger, the outcast.

Adam and Eve who were outside the Garden of Eden, Hagar outside the camp of Abraham,  Lazarus outside the gate of the rich man –prostitutes, lepers, thieves, the down and out and demon possessed – the Bible is filled with outsiders pursued and transformed by God’s relentless love.

What an awesome privilege and honor it is to be a part of what God is doing in the Macomb County Jail and the aftercare of Gateway.  We are able to watch God pursue the outsider, the down and outers with His unfailing love shown through the volunteers (who consist of Pastors, lay clergy, and even a couple of ex-offenders!)

God has organized one body of fellow workers to accomplish three things:  1) to share the love of Jesus, 2) to water, plant and win souls for Him, and 3) to disciple the men and women upon their release to society.  To help them become productive citizens and restored to their families.  Essentially to be the men and women of God they were called to be!

In the last three months, we’ve taken in 7 new men at the aftercare homes. They have all been enrolled in our new “Rooted” class at church.  This class gets then rooted and grounded in the Word of God.  They will be instructed and participate in God’s sacraments of baptism, holy communion, foot washing, holy matrimony, laying on of hands with the anointing of oil, and confirmation.

Thank you to all our volunteers, prayer team, jail ministers, mentors, aftercare Bible study teachers and Board of Directors.
All for Jesus,
Chaplain Steve Malek