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Our desire is to impart hope and help in times of distress so that dads, moms, husbands and wives can be returned to their families whole and healthy through the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Gateway To Glory - After Care


We provide an alternate option to men and women leaving prison or jail or are addicts seeking sobriety.


Our Team

The Board of Directors governs the ministry in order to maintain the integrity and the direction of the mission.



For Steve Malek born in 1960 in Warren, Michigan, life was an adventure to be fully lived.  Naturally athletic, energetic and competitive, Steve tried anything in his search for adventure, finally finding his niche in skydiving.  Sacrificing everything on the altar of the sport he loved, Steve made skydiving his god.  Becoming a two-time National Champion and World Record Holder in 10 Way Speed Star skydive competition, Steve thought he had reached the pinnacle of success, but he still felt empty.  Moving to California in search of riches as an entrepreneur, Steve’s life began a rapid downward spiral due to an addiction to cocaine and alcohol.  Finding himself incarcerated in San Diego’s Camp West Fork, Steve had reached the end of himself.  Giving his heart and life to the Lord while imprisoned, Steve had no idea of where God would take him when he said, "I don't know where we're going, Jesus, but let's go!"  His life has changed since that day.  Facilitating a substance abuse group every week for the last 20+ years, serving as a Deacon and sitting on the Church Council, opening and operating transition houses for men and women, and now Chaplain of Macomb County Jail, the Lord has used his past to affect others with the noticeable change in his life.   He now uses his love for God, along with joy, peace, care and compassion to infect those around him hoping they, too, will experience the life changing power of the Word.



Born in Jacksonville, Florida in 1964 Robin spent much of her life on the move.  Being a child of the Navy, changing bases/locations was a part of life.  While her brother and sister became outgoing and viewed each move as an exciting experience and a chance to make new friends, Robin grew inward.  Each move, to her, was a rejection; an abandonment of trusted friends and confidantes.  Turning to books as a solution to the painful experience of leaving friends behind, she became an avid reader, causing social awkwardness in many settings.  In an effort to cope, Robin’s life became one of being a chameleon, changing into whatever people seemed to want for the moment, desperately trying to “belong” or fit in.  This led to many jobs that put her in the limelight:  modeling, aerobics instructor, modeling instructor/agent, magician’s assistant. Trying to fit in also led to the commission of many sins:  promiscuity, abortion, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, abusive relationships – all in an effort to be accepted.  Finding herself homeless in San Diego, CA while Steve was incarcerated, left Robin at the end of her rope.  Turning to a church looking for help, Robin found love and sincerity from the people there.  Giving what was left of her life to Jesus Christ she finally understood the true meaning of belonging and acceptance.  Now 21 years clean and sober, Deacon and on the Church Council of her home church, co-founder of transition homes for men and women, and working alongside her husband as the Women’s Chaplain at Macomb County Jail, she gladly imparts the knowledge that there is love, forgiveness and acceptance at the foot of the cross.


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