After Care

Gateway to Glory is rooted in the prison system; however, the battle for souls only begins behind bars. Upon release from prison many people's only option is to return to their past lifestyle; the one that ultimately landed them in prison. This is where the Gateway to Glory aftercare steps in, providing an alternate option to men and women leaving prison or jail or are addicts seeking sobriety.

The after care ministry operates transitional homes for men and women to live. Through the power of Christ, the rehabilitation process begins as men and women are transformed into successful members of society and are restored back to their families.

In addition to providing a safe haven for men and women to transition, they are also provided with mentors and a connection with a local church community. Mentors and a strong, loving church community are crucial in the restoration process as it gives them a deep support system to draw from. The men and women are also provided with transportation to and from the church and other meetings and they are provided a membership to the local YMCA.

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